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Meet the Founder

Meet The Founder

Heather brings over 40 years of professional knowledge and experience working in the forestry and environmental sector and has been foraging wilds and teaching outdoor education to children and service clubs for over three decades.

Outdoor educational programs will include a series of professional, seasonally based experiences that will engage your curious spirit, spark a childhood memory or inspire new ones. You will learn all about Mother Nature and what she has to offer by season in the Atlantic Region.

Heathers passion and love for the outdoors shines through in every tour she does. Committed to building an informed and confident nature community she goes above and beyond to share her deep-rooted connection to the land. Using her vast wisdom, she dreams of championing and operating the first forest school in Moncton one day. Heather has planted more than 250,000 trees herself over the years, she lives and breathes everything wild. Her management style protects and enhances the natural world through environmental ethics practiced daily as she continues to build new relationships with local indigenous communities.


Family History

Family elders passed on valuable knowledge of the outside wild world to me as a young child. The trees are “knowledge keepers” my grand father (William/Bill Arnold) used to say as we experienced the peace and wisdom found in the forest surrounding our camp in Hidden Valley. Located in the mountains behind Poley mountain in Sussex NB. This is why today that same history, culture and passion is deeply rooted through the diverse natural resources I remember seeing as he shared stories during our long walks together. This same joy led me to study sustainable forest management in later years. I was connected to the land as a child and became mindful of everything around me, everything had a purpose. For me it became a way of life to protect and explore what Mother Nature provided.

Heather Arnold (Hawker/Fraser) was born and raised in Rothesay NB, graduated high school from Kennebecasis Valley High in 1980. Went on to study forestry, fish and wildlife and later in 2000 studied Environmental Science at Mount Allison University.

Over my career I worked for various forestry companies starting with J.D. Irving at the Sussex tree nursery and woodlands division. Managed forests for private woodlot owners at SNB Wood Coop and SENB Wood Marketing Boards. Worked for the City of Moncton for 30 years. Began in the Public Works and Utility Department, moved to the Parks Department and finally in 2002 resided in the Engineering and Environmental Services Department until I retired in February 2022.

Over my tenure with the Municipality I led projects in developing and managing the forests in the Irishtown Nature Park,  Mapleton Park, McLaughlin and Turtle Creek Watersheds. Initiated and ran the City of Moncton sugar camp for 22 years and taught outdoor nature based education to local area schools for over 30 years.  I also own and operate a professional forestry company and have for 32 years under the company name:

H.E. Hawker Forest Consulting and I have been a registered Apiarist (bee keeper) in the Province of NB for over 5 years and sell my BEE HEALTHY HONEY locally.

My forestry company prepares woodland evaluations (understanding the true market value of the woodlot along with insight on how to improve the health and condition of the forest and other natural resources, on the landbase) and specific management plans (sustainable harvesting and restocking) built around owners needs and objectives for succession planning. Forest inventories include tree species identification, road layout, boundary line awareness, flora and fauna, edible and medicinal plants, highlighting sensitive areas and areas of significance that should be protected using environmental stewardship options. The value of the timberland is calculated for investment purposes and possible sustainable development goals. Heather has expertise in sustainable community design (SCD) and has worked on several local development projects that work to save trees during construction and use them as the selling asset for new home buyers. Plans have also included tree planting options, food forest layout, pollinator gardens and community green house options using green energy (biomass). 

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